Psychotherapy and counselling can feel like a frightening prospect when people aren’t used to it. But what is discussed and when is for the client to decide. Very quickly therapy can feel like an important support in life.

People come to therapy with a wide range of issues, relationships, careers, depression, anxiety, ocd, phobias, inability to make decisions, fear of the future, addiction, alcoholism, infertility, sexuality  and divorce are just some of them.

Some people had very difficult childhoods including abuse. Some clients have been raped and many both male and female are in abusive domestic situation either emotionally controlling or physically abusive.

Some clients are bereaved or living with a chronic illness. Difficulties with teenagersor other children frequently come up. Many people want to explore the impact of family relationships, such as an absent father or a bullying sibling .

Therapy helps us to see the picture. Sometimes we may then want to make small changes. Other times we may make major ones. Sometimes we change nothing but live with some pains differently.